Association • Education • Development
We combined our professional and personal qualities in order to fully realize the potential of Dnipropetrovsk region as IT-industry leader in Ukraine
Our goals
Create favorable conditions for IT business
Provide state and legal assistance to the IT business development in the region.
Increase the number of qualified IT specialists
To live and work in Dnipropetrovsk will be even more fascinating thanks to a new approach in education IT professionals: courses, seminars, master classes from the best experts in the industry, as well as the close cooperation of IT companies and educational centers.
Provide IT with favorable investment and business environment
The volume and quality of IT services market is constantly growing. So the investments in this sector of this region will become more profitable and safer.
An unique place for children preschool age, where parents aren’t concerned about the safety and environment of their kids any more. Professional teachers, webcams, personal internet parent-account, development and pre-school programs, absence of the Soviet legacy.
Local info IT-portal
It is a description of all the events, trainings, courses and news, ongoing and accomplished in Dnipropetrovsk. Themes: IT and near-IT (bikes, music, cafes, cinemas, art-house).
Legal defense
IT companies in Dnipropetrovsk work honestly, within the laws of Ukraine. However, some of them were checked by law enforcement authorities, during which law enforcement officers outraged of law. The goal of this project is to create a system of emergence legal assistance to the companies and to prevent lawlessness.
Hire Dnipro
Why should an investors or customers choose the Dnipropetrovsk Company for partnership? What are the human resources, how many influent start-ups and people act in our city? How safe is it there? How is the local community developed? The portal will provide answers to these and many other questions. Of course, in English.
IT-Dnipro – facts and figures
The program collects analytic data on commercial and noncommercial organizations of Dnipropetrovsk - how many companies, what the dynamics of growth, what the technologies there are. How many IT universities prepares, how many graduated and in what areas, etc.
EVERLAND is the place of a new format life: the autonomous settlement for business teams and communities of people with similar values and demanding high-level requirements to life.
300 startups forum
An all-Ukrainian investment forum for startups and IT-business was held in Dnipropetrovsk on September 6th. The forum was focused on the most prospecting trends in the IT-industry that can attract investors.

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